SQT® Nourish & Hydrate Kit

SQT® Nourishing Hydrating Set – the non injectable skin booster

A compound & variety of highly effective active ingredients (MYROTHAMNUS FLABELLIFOLIA extract, Centella Asiatica extract, multiple plant oils, multiple hyaluronic acids, etc.) to provide adequate oil and water for the skin.

Multi-dimensional barrier supplementation using enzymatic technology, cross-linking technology, genetic engineering technology, and bionic sebum technology.



SQT UK are proud to introduce the newest member to the SQT treatment kits- SQT Nourishing Hydrating Set.

Functions: Strengthens the skin base, repairs damaged skin barriers, gives deep hydration

Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive, Combination Skin

Skin Problems: Dry skin, sensitive skin, redness, enlarged pores, dullness, fine lines.

A weak barrier can lead to sensitivity and redness of the skin, which is prone to inflammation. A healthy barrier is essential to ward off skin problems. Unhealthy skin barriers will accelerate the loss of collagen and moisture, leading to dry skin and fine lines. At the same time, a healthy skin barrier also protects us from external damage to the skin, such as pigmentation and dull skin caused by UV damage.

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