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What is Fibronectin in skincare?

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What is Fibronectin in skincare?

Fibronectin is a type of protein known as a glycoprotein (protein + carbohydrate) that’s naturally found in the skin. Fibronectin’s deterioration from external factors is an element in skin aging and wrinkling.

Fibronectin is a humectant, meaning it’s a good water-binding agent for the skin.

The fibronectin matrix is important for embryogenesis, cell adhesion, and growth As a circulating protein, fibronectin is involved in wound healing, hemostasis, and platelet aggregation.

What is fibronectin in wound healing?

Fibronectin appears to be an important factor throughout the process of wound healing.  It promotes the spreading of platelets at the site of injury, the adhesion and migration of neutrophils, monocytes, fibroblasts, and endothelial cells into the wound region, and the migration of epidermal cells through the granulation tissue.

What is Fibronectin

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