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SQT Nourish & Hydrate treatment Vs Traditional Skin Boosters?

By February 21, 2024May 1st, 2024No Comments

How does the new SQT Nourish & Hydrate treatment compare to traditional skin boosters?

This treatment is an alternative to injectables, it uses a compound and variety of highly effective active ingredients (MYROTHAMNUS FLABELLIFOLIA extract, Centella Asiatica extract, multiple plant oils, multiple hyaluronic acids, etc.) to provide adequate oil and water for the skin. It has multi‐dimensional barrier supplementation using enzymatic technology, cross‐linking technology, genetic engineering technology, and bionic sebum technology.

The Active ingredients enter the skin via 2 million Spongilla Spicules (Bomicroneedles) , rather than a traditional injectable needle and the spicules can increase the absorption rate of active ingredients into the skin by 30‐100 times.

This treatment utilizes the skin’s osmotic pressure water delivery method for multi‐level and deep hydration, locking in moisture and collagen without loss. It also utilizes bionic sebum technology and adds multiple oil components to form a barrier protective layer to prevent water loss.

This treatment allows us to cover the whole face and neck rather than using a BAP or 5-point technique only covering certain areas of the face

How long do the results last?

This answer applies to all SQT treatments. We are changing the underlying structure of the skin from within, results are permanent changes but need maintenance. Once the structure of the skin has changed it’s important to be consistent with the correct homecare and maintenance sessions every 8‐12 weeks. Think of it like going to the gym, getting to your perfect shape after 3 months, then not doing anything at all, your results won’t last.

How long does it take to perform?

45‐60 mins and results can be seen immediately after treatment

How many sessions for best results?

It can be used as a one off or long‐term care plan treatment for maintaining results of previous SQT treatments, Alternatively for maximum effects and deep hydration, the recommended treatment cycle is 4 sessions spaced every 1‐2 weeks, then maintenance every 3 months. The Nourish & Hydrate is used to improve skin conditions, a stable skin barrier can help the skin resist various skin problems (such as dull complexion, dryness and sensitivity, redness, fine lines)

Is it suitable for acne rosacea?

Yes, however, the resurfacing kit may be more suited.

Is it suitable for dermatitis and eczema?

These conditions are classed as skin diseases and often require medical intervention. SQT is not a medical device and therefore we cannot make claims that it can cure these conditions, however, we can say that many of the ingredients contained in the SQT nourishing kit can have positive effects on eczema and dermatitis

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